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Jalil's K1 Visa Live Journal Community's Journal

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

2:22PM - More links:

Help with the forms

The account of a couple going through the process now:

12:44PM - hello ^_^

Chrissmari pointed me in this direction.
My girl lives in London, England and we are trying to figure out ways to get her ( and her son ) over here. I will admit that I havent done my share of research on the subject. *^_^*
So any information shared is greatly appreciated.

http://www.shusterman.com is the site I pass around that my lady found to be the most informative about immigration.

12:41PM - hello.. and my sob story

I live in pennsylvania and my boy lives in windsor ontario (right across the river from detriot)
I found out i can't sponsor mike here because i can't support him. how dumb :-(
so it looks like I am going to move to detriot to be as close as i can be to him without us being in the same country, then i have to like work and stuff so i can prove i can support him, then move back to east coast civilization..
how dumb is that? that puts 2 years on it (when we can see eachother everyday plus more before we can even move in or get married) when we are ready to move together now..

Current mood: disappointed